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Modern Dance_edited.jpg

AMDA Summer Dance Intensive 2024

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Have Fun and Grow As A Dancer This summer
With Exciting Classes, Great instructors, and Daily Dance Instruction ! 
Fun Learning Environment, Like Minded Dancers + 
Focused Training

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Modern Dance_edited.jpg

Week 1: June 10 - June 14

Week 2: June 17 - June 21

Week 3: June 24 - June 28

Week 4: July 1- July 5

Week 5: July 8 - July 12

Week 6: July 15 - July 19

Week 7: July 22 - July 26

Week 8: July 29 - August 2

Week 9: August 5 - August 9

Registration Rates:

By Session: $500/session*

Weekly: $200/week

Daily: $50/day

1/2 Day: $30/day

*Session 1: Weeks 1- 3

  Session 2: Weeks 4 - 6

  Session 3: Weeks 7 - 9

$50 OFF

Early Registration

Before 4/1


Modern Dance_edited.jpg

WhY Register For A Summer Dance Intensive?

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5+ Hours of Dance Instruction Every DAY

 Rather than one hour of training per week, dancers receive daily instruction for extended periods of time, leading to rapid improvement that will benefit them throughout the season and their dance career as a whole.

By learning and practicing skills daily, dancers will discover the correct way of doing steps while having the time to perfect their execution. 



Train in various styles of dance, from basics like ballet and jazz to lyrical, hip-hop, modern, and more! 

Not only is it fun to try new classes, but you will also grow into a well-rounded dancer, able to bring what you learn from one style into other classes.


improve flexibility, strength, +technique

With an emphasis on strength and conditioning, correcting technique, and improving flexibility, our dance intensive will push dancers to great levels of improvement.

Instead of losing  progress over the summer, dancers who attend summer intensives improve their flexibility, strength, technique, and skillset in a very short period of time.

Modern Dance_edited.jpg

Register Now or Contact Us

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