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Young Modern Dancers

Dancers Are the Athletes of God

~ Albert Einstein

These wise words epitomize our mission at Ave Maria Dance Academy, a mission to provide our dancers with the highest-quality training so they can explore, cultivate, and express their God-given talents while nurturing their love of the performing arts.

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Styles offered

Ballet School


Ballet is a formalized set of movements performed with skill, technique, and grace. Class follows a consistent pattern involving barre and centre work, all of which develops strength, technique, and flexibility. The foundations built through ballet aid dancers in almost any other style including jazz, lyrical, modern, pointe, and more.

Our Team

In order to achieve our mission of providing high-quality training to our dancers, we only hire the most qualified and exceptional instructors at AMDA. Our team consists of experienced dancers and choreographers who are willing to push our students to their fullest potential whilst still keeping our students' passion for dance alive. Each instructor brings a unique set of skills to the studio, skills that when taught to our students make for well-rounded dancers. We are beyond grateful for our team, incredible artists that bring out the best in our dancers.

AMDA Instructors

"My children have been attending classes at Ave Maria Dance Academy three times a week since October 2013. We were considering several dance studios at that time and I'm so glad we chose this one! My children could not be happier. It is a very kid friendly environment with professional, talented and very dedicated staff. The last year spring recital was heads and shoulders above the rest in Naples area. We look forward to the next one!"

Ines P


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